Here is a list of some of the most Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question that you cannot find an answer for, please contact us!

Q: Someone in my family has a disability, can you help me?
A: Michelle has children with disabilities. We understand and definitely can assist your family with the following:
– Ontario Disability Support Plan (ODSP)
– Disability Tax Credit (DTC)
– Disability Savings Plan (DSP)
– Child Disability Tax Credit (CDTC)

Q. Can you do my taxes through the internet?
A. We can efile your tax returns direct to CRA, as long as there efile system is up and running. We can efile as far back as 2012. Prior years would need to be paper filed. We can also net file your GST/HST returns directly to CRA.

Q: Do you do personal taxes?
A: Yes we are able to assist and prepare all personal tax returns including:
– Disability and medical
– Rental property
– Self employment

Q: Can you help me with my small business?
A: We are certified bookkeepers and can help with all of your small business needs, right from the start.
– Startup / Registration
– Setting up bookkeeping procedures
– Payroll / subcontract payments

Q: Can you help me if I have not done my taxes for years and I am missing information?
A: We can get any documents that have been filed with Canada Revenue Agency. We can go back up to ten years clean up, organize and file your personal taxes and or small business.

Q: Can you do my taxes through the internet?
A: From February through to September 15th we are able to efile the current years taxes. All earlier years will have to be paper filed with Canada Revenue agency, which we would be happy to take care of.

Q: Will you help me if I am in trouble with the government?
A: We will stick with you through any reviews or audits. When you have joined up with Work Wise you are never left alone.

Q: Can you help me with pension questions or buyouts?
A: This can be very confusing time. We would be glad to assist with your choices and make sure all the appropriate paper work is done. Making sure you are informed of all tax implications is our priority. We are familiar with the procedures of CPP and OAS. We can assist with any paper work or issues that may arise. Canada Revenue Agency implemented pension splitting. This can save tax $ if used correctly.

We also have a section many helpful Resources you may be interested in.