Prepare Yourself for the 2017 TAX YEAR

FEDERAL AND PROVINCIAL CHANGES Things are going from bad to worse with Revenue Canada! Their service is horrific. Wait times are beyond anything acceptable in any industry.  When you do finally get to talk to a person, their information is not trust worthy. Now to top off the cake…  CRA are eliminating or removing all […]

Small Business Tax Changes 2016

Small Business Tax changes for 2016: The November Federal Budget proposed that small businesses would pay less tax in the future but the actual tax reductions didn’t happen. Eligible small business income will still be taxed at the same Federal rate of 10.5%. Electric vehicle charging stations and energy storage properties now qualify for accelerated […]

Article – A Little Introduction from our WORKWISE Accounting Team

“The best laid plans of CRA and Men” In general, many taxation and reporting rules that were designed to deal with specific situations or events are often worded so broadly or written so ambiguously that they end up including many other taxpayers and other unrelated events. Intentions are great when the intended result occurs, but […]

7 Ways Your Family Can Save at Tax Time

Raising a family can be expensive, but there are many benefits, credits, and deductions that can help your family with costs during the year. They could even lower the amount you owe at tax time! However it is important to file on time if you want your credits. Check out these potential savings: Canada child […]

CRA says… No Log Book, No Vehicle Expenses!

CRA has amped up their reviewing and auditing of small business and self employed individuals that claim vehicle expenses on their tax returns.   You must have a mileage log, no exceptions.   There is no getting around it.   I personally have had clients be refused their entire vehicle expenses including lease, insurance, maintenance, parking, 407 etc., […]

Tax Credits Information

Change to First Time Donor’s Super Credit The First-time donor’s super credit (FDSC) supplements the value of the charitable donations tax credit (CDTC) by 25% on donations made after March 20, 2013, by a first-time donor. For the purpose of the FDSC, you will be considered a first-time donor if neither you nor your spouse or common-law partner (if you have one) have claimed […]

Declaration of the Sale of Personal Residence

Old Rules: When you sell your principal residence or when you are considered to have sold it, usually you do not have to report the sale on your income tax and benefit return and you do not have to pay tax on any gain from the sale. This is the case if you are eligible […]

Phone Scams: Protect Yourself Against Fraud

One of the biggest stories again this year is the number of scammers out there pretending to be Revenue Canada. Protect yourself against FRAUD!  Beware of new phone SCAMS! To help you identify possible scams, use the following guidelines: The CRA: never requests prepaid credit cards never asks for information about your passport, health card, […]

Downloadable PDF/WORD Guides and Forms

PDF and Microsoft Word documents, guides and forms available for download/save. If any of the links are not functioning please let us know via our web form and we will assist you in finding what you need. PDF Guides and Forms CRA Appeal of a Ruling Under the CPP and/or EI Act CRA General Income Tax and Benefit Guide […]